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Heal and rejuvenate with herb-infused medicated oils, crystal therapy, sound therapy, reiki and soothing massage.

Sanctify Massage

60 minutes - $60• 80 minutes - $90

Reiki infused Swedish massage with fresh herbs for targeted stress or pain.

Aphrodite & Adonis Massage

60 minutes - $130 • 80 minutes - $180

Enjoy champaign candle lit room massages with Athena oil. Includes soothing rose lavender face mask.

Girl, Wash Your Face


Organic cleanse facial using detoxifying and soothing skin care products.


Spiritual Healing

45 minutes - $60

Reiki touch, sound bowl and tuning fork therapy. Sage infused steam therapy, infused with crystal quartz. Includes 3 card Tarot reading.


25 minutes - $40

Detoxes with pressure points. Includes copper bowl soak with fresh herbs and peppermint oil-infused with hot towels. 

Trigger Point Therapy 

60 minutes - $90.00• 80 minutes - $120

Targeting areas of stress buildup by applying firm pressure to release lactic acid buildup, fresh peppermint leaves, CBD cream and hot cold therapy.

3 Card pull Tarot Reading


This includes a three card Pull off of oracle deck with Maven and three questions to pendulum it also includes a chime candle or stone.

Say What? Ear Candling

Starting at $40

Removes wax buildup and toxins through smoke drawing.

Maven's Manicure

25 minutes - $25

Athena cuticle treatment, nail shaping, massage and polish.

Crystal Gel Nails - $40

Gel Removal - $10

Kali Ma Wrap

80 minutes - $90

Banana leaves revitalize, soften and rejuvenate cells. Charcoal tropical detox mask applied then wrapped in warm banana leaves. Lavender aromatherapy to relax. Done on amethyst mat followed by CBD shower and massage with Kali Ma oil.

Baby Mama Prenatal Massage

60 minutes - $80

Rose lavender infused heated oil Swedish massage focuses on stress points and aches from pregnancy. Must be through first trimester. Doctor’s note required.

Amethyst Soak Up Therapy 

60 minutes - $70

Detox amethyst mat to remove toxins, stress, sickness, rejuvenate cells and spiritual strengthening. Includes relaxing foot massage and tea tree

peppermint scalp treatment. 

For Your Feet

Salty Bitch Foot Treatment 30 minutes - $40

Basic cleanup including copper bowl Athena soak, sugar scrub exfoliating treatment, heel and cuticle treatment, massage and polish.

Detox Ritual Foot Treatment - 60 minutes - $60

Copper bowl Kali Ma oil soak infused with fresh herbs, sugar scrub exfoliating treatment, heel and cuticle treatment, detoxifying softening detox mask, hot towels, massage and polish.

You owe yourself one hour a day of self maintenance. 

It can include reading, writing, yoga, exercise, dancing, meditation, painting, or whatever, but you owe it to yourself. One hour. 1/24, of your day. That's less than 5%. 

It matters, it really does. Make it count.

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